Amidst the bustle of the holiday season, give yourself the gift of peace of mind. If you live in North Idaho, you know that winter can get pretty intense. The last thing you want to do during the holidays is worry about whether your deck can handle the snow flurries when they fly. 

We all know the saying, “out of sight, out of mind,” but if you haven’t had a chance to take protective measures, don’t let your deck go entirely out of your mind. You may not use your deck all that much in the winter, but you will want to be sure it’s in the best condition possible come spring. Here are four protective measures to keep your deck in optimal condition throughout the harsh winters in North Idaho.

Seal and Protect

Before winter sets in, take the time to seal and protect your deck. Harsh winter conditions can cause moisture to seep into the wood, leading to rot and decay over time. Choose a high-quality sealant specifically designed for outdoor use and apply it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will create a protective barrier against snow, ice, and rain, helping your deck withstand the winter elements. Consider reapplying the sealant every few years to ensure ongoing protection.

Clear Snow Regularly

Heavy snowfall can put a significant strain on your deck’s structure. Clearing the snow regularly not only prevents excessive weight but also reduces the chances of water seeping into the wood as the snow melts. Use a snow shovel with a plastic edge or a broom to gently remove the snow without damaging the deck surface. Avoid using metal shovels or tools that could scratch or gouge the wood or composite. By keeping your deck clear of snow, you’re taking a proactive step in preserving its integrity and extending its lifespan.

Elevate Furniture and Planters

If you have deck furniture or planters, consider elevating them during the winter months. This prevents prolonged contact with the deck surface, reducing the risk of moisture getting trapped and causing damage. Use furniture covers to protect items that cannot be moved, and make sure they are secured tightly. Elevating these items not only safeguards your deck but also makes it easier to clear snow and debris from the deck surface.

Regular Inspections and Repairs

Winter can be harsh on outdoor structures, and your deck is no exception. Schedule regular inspections throughout the winter season to identify any potential issues promptly. Look for signs of damage, such as loose or rotting boards, and address them as soon as possible. Minor repairs now can prevent more significant problems in the future. At Blue Sky Decks, we don’t just care about installing beautiful new decks; we also care that they last for many years to come. Take pride in ownership by staying vigilant and addressing any issues promptly.

Protecting your deck during the winter is a wise investment in its longevity and your peace of mind. Seal and protect the wood, regularly clear snow, elevate furniture and planters, and conduct regular inspections and repairs. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your deck not only weathers the winter but remains a beautiful and functional space for many seasons. At Blue Sky Decks, we take pride in creating decks that stand the test of time so you can enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space year-round. For more information, please visit our website or contact us today.

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