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Blue Sky Decks builds decks to suit your custom design ideas and plans. We offer a variety of different materials to meet your unique style requirements. Our custom decks are built with utmost care and precision to exceed your expectations every single time. In addition to installation, we repair and install composite decking for homeowners in need. Contact us today to get started.

Deck Installation

With our deck installation designs, you can customize the appearance of your outdoor living space. In addition, we offer custom designs in which we work with you to create something one-of-a-kind and tailored to your home. Every material we offer has its own set of benefits and purposes. Are you having a hard time deciding what will work best for you? Get in touch with us today, and we’ll gladly make recommendations.

Deck Rebuild

Your deck is constantly in contact with the elements. Variability in exposure, products, and quality can all result in a deck needing to be torn down and rebuilt. Blue Sky Decks will handle the entire process, including the tear down. No matter the situation, you can be confident that your new deck will be safe and will last a long time with our help.

Pressure-Treated Wood

Blue Sky Decks
Many new materials for deck construction have been introduced in recent years. However, pressure-treated wood remains the most commonly used deck material. Pressure-treated wood is as durable as cedar or durable grades of redwood while being less expensive than plastic composites or tropical hardwoods. It provides guaranteed termite and fungal decay protection and is made from a natural, renewable resource that has been preserved to last for decades. Anyone with a basic understanding of it can install it quickly with the right tools.

Can pressure-treated wood be painted?

We do not recommend painting treated wood, despite the fact that it provides a surface that is easier for paints to cover. Treated wood does not require weather protection. But if you are using paint for decorative purposes, make sure the wood is completely dry before painting.

When should I apply pressure-treated wood decking sealer?

Climate change will impact when and how often wood sealers should be applied. Apply a quality wood sealant that contains an ultraviolet stabilizer to maximize surface protection and keep your deck looking good. Drip water onto the deck surface to determine when to apply a wood sealer. If the water quickly absorbs into the wood, it’s time to apply a wood sealer; if water droplets bead up, your deck is safe. It is recommended that you test your deck once a year.

Hardwood decks are popular for houses and other buildings for a reason. It has a warm and sophisticated appearance that few other materials can match. However, it isn’t only for impressing your friends and family. If done appropriately, hardwood can also provide additional benefits to you and your entire house, such as outstanding durability, diversity, increased home value, and create a spacious area for people and events.

How does the sun affect the wood?

All hardwood decks eventually turn gray with age and develop a silver-gray patina. The best way to extend the life of the wood’s color is to treat it with a high-quality hardwood decking oil approximately every 6-12 months, depending on your climate. You can also leave your deck natural to achieve a silver-gray patina.

How do I clean my hardwood deck?

You may clean your hardwood deck with a broom, blower, garden hose, or pressure washer, just like any other deck. As with all wood products, routine long-term maintenance is ideal for preserving color richness. Power washing should be done on a regular basis.

A cedar deck is an excellent way to improve the aesthetic value of your home or yard. Cedar is a naturally beautiful wood that doesn’t need to be stained or painted to look its best. Beyond its attractive appearance, cedar is an excellent decking material since it is inherently resistant to weather damage such as UV rays, moisture rot, mold build-up, and mildewing. It’s also resistant to bug infestations and warping, so it’ll require less upkeep in the long run than decks built of other materials.

Is cedar a better choice for decking versus pressure-treated wood?

When comparing pressure-treated wood to cedar, pressure-treated wood is the more durable and weather-resistant of the two. It’s highly resistant to insect attack and decomposition, and special “ground contact” varieties may be buried in soil and will withstand deterioration for decades.

Is it possible to create a deck out of cedar?

Western red cedar is an excellent choice for a new deck in general. In fact, cedar can be used for the foundation, resulting in a stunning deck from top to bottom. It’s a more stable and environmentally friendly alternative to pressure-treated wood.

Composite decking has a higher level of durability due to its resistance to most types of damage and impacts. Compared to other materials, the time saved in labor over the life of the boards can be significant. There is no need to paint, seal, stain, oil, or varnish the decking. Another advantage of composite decking is that it does not cup, warp, or splinter, making it ideal for families with young children. The color of composite deck boards is also UV stable, which means they will not fade over time like typical wood.

Is composite decking slippery?

Although it is much more non-slip than traditional timber decking, any decking can become slippery when covered with ice, water, or algae. Following our cleaning and maintenance recommendations will ensure that your composite decking performs optimally.

How do we install composite decking?

It is critical to leave expansion gaps between boards when installing composite decking. In cold and hot weather, composite decking will contract and expand. Gaps are left between boards to give the same uniform finish, and the gap size is an aesthetic decision, though we use fixing clips or hidden fasteners that act as spacers, ensuring consistency across the deck.

Deck Rebuilds

We’ve seen some pretty poorly built and dangerous decks through the years. Our team will always be available to meet your rebuild needs. Whether this is your first deck, or you need us to tear down an existing deck and rebuild a new one, you can be confident that your new deck will last a long time with our help.

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