If you’ve been looking at deck pictures for inspiration in planning and designing your own dream deck, you’ve probably found pictures of beautiful, smooth, flawless decks. But what you might not realize is that there is one thing those seamless and aesthetically pleasing decks are missing:  visible screw lines. If you’re searching for a deck builder who can help you achieve that look, your search ends here.

The fact is, there is a way to eliminate visible screw lines on your deck to achieve the look you want. When you choose composite decking for your building material, you will automatically eliminate the need for visible screws and can have that seamless, smooth deck that you have always wanted.  What’s more, you will enjoy that deck for years to come.

Why Composite?

Composite decks are made with a material manufactured by using a combination of real wood and plastic.  Because of the unique characteristics of the material, composite decking is purposefully designed to enable builders to create a seamless appearance–thanks to a hidden fastening system.

The installation process involves attaching the boards together, as well as attaching them to the deck’s foundational structure using special fasteners:  no deck screws to create visible screw lines. This process will create a seamless, smooth appearance; you will never see unsightly screws, and never have the problem of rusty screws detracting from the beauty of your deck. Screw heads will not stick up or sink down into the flat surface, marring the smooth look and feel of your deck. 

Compared to many other materials used for building decks, composite decking boards are extremely durable. They aren’t easily damaged or destroyed by impacts, and are not as subject to changes in color or texture due to weather.  The normal wear and tear of years of use–dropping tools, kids riding bikes, furniture sitting on the deck or being moved around–will have very little effect on composite decking compared to many softer materials, including many types of wood.  You will have a beautiful deck that will stay beautiful for decades, and you will enjoy it without having to repair or maintain it like a traditional wood deck.

Composite Decking Comes Ready To Install and Enjoy

Another benefit of composite decking is that it is low-maintenance from the get-go. You simply pick your preferred finish, place the order, and wait for it to arrive and to be installed. The boards do not need to be pre-drilled, stained, painted, sealed, or re-sealed.  After installation, your composite decking boards are ready to walk on and use, and your composite decking will maintain its color and quality for years to come.

Composite Decking is Easy on Your Feet

While many wood decking materials may warp or splinter over time, composite decking boards will not. That means that you don’t have to worry about little children’s bare feet getting slivers or splinters.  Without screws sticking up, little feet won’t get poked or cut.  Composite material will maintain its smooth, flawless finish long-term.

Add Luxury to Your Outdoor Space

Aside from the aesthetic benefits of having no visible screw lines, of having your deck in ready-to-use condition in a shorter time, and of eliminating some of the head-ache of deck maintenance, composite deck boards have become a popular go-to for homeowners who want to give their outdoor space a luxurious feel. For people who want a picture-perfect deck, composite decking is the way to go.

Choose the Right Deck Builders

Composite decking is the perfect option if you want a beautiful, flawless deck without any visible screw lines. When you choose this building material, you’ll get all the aesthetic benefits plus durability and functionality. If you want to build a deck or rebuild an existing structure to improve its appearance and function, we can help. Visit us today at Blue Sky Decks to learn how we can help you build your dream deck.

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