The right deck can add priceless value to your life. There is a tangible boost to property value, of course, but you also get the intangible value of more usable space to entertain, spread out, or just enjoy being outdoors on summer evenings.

With so much at stake, it is worth hiring professional deck builders who know what they’re doing. Blue Sky Decks understand all the factors that go into creating a durable, safe, and beautiful deck. As you consider the pros and cons, here are some things to consider. Professional deck builders can help you:

Get the Perfect Design

Just because a deck is serviceable doesn’t mean it will really improve your curb appeal or even look “right” attached to your home. Professional builders know more than just how to make your deck sturdy, durable, and safe. They also know how to match the deck to your home and yard.

At Blue Sky Decks, we develop custom designs that match your vision, goals, and existing property. We have many different materials to offer, so we can always design around your unique requirements.

Stay Safe

Decks must be designed and built to accommodate the multitude of factors that can compromise their safety. This includes enduring temperature swings in Idaho’s winters and dealing with the natural shifting that takes place in the ground during thawing and freezing. Kids, elderly parents, and guests will all likely be spending time on your deck, meaning it must be stable for the long haul.

Even if your deck isn’t very far off the ground, serious injuries can happen when the deck surface isn’t stable, made of materials suitable for the climate, or sturdy enough. Our professional builders at Blue Sky Decks take pride in doing a careful job. We want your deck to be done on time, within budget, but also right.

Navigate the Legalities

You need the right permits before you begin building your deck, and the finished deck must be able to pass inspection. Without the right permits or with a deck that isn’t up to code, you risk big (and expensive) delays, or, even worse, having to tear the whole thing up and start over from scratch.

Professional deck builders know exactly what is needed to get the right permits and pass inspections: the very fact that you’re hiring experienced professionals usually inclines officials to ask fewer questions and get your permit out right away.

Get Those Final Touches That Make All the Difference

Building a deck that stands up and will last is one thing. Building a deck that’s truly beautiful is quite another. Making a deck look perfect takes time and effort, and it requires professionals with experience in the craft, an eye for artistic design, and an understanding of all the materials at their disposal and how each material can be used in any application.

The Professionals You’re Looking For

Hiring deck builders is always worth it. It’s the best way to be sure you’re getting a deck that will last and a deck you’ll love! Contact us at Blue Sky Decks today to get a quote and get started.

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