Once you’ve made the decision to build a deck, it can be difficult not to want construction to start right away. This is particularly true when your decision is inspired by being in your backyard on a summer day and wishing you had a better space to enjoy the outdoors. The natural inclination is to get going right away, so you can enjoy the rest of the summer on your own new deck.

But before you start Googling “deck builders near me,” take a few minutes to think about whether building a deck in the middle of your summer is the best option. The fact is, although decks can be constructed any time of year, certain seasons are better suited to deck building. Keep reading to find out what time of year the deck professionals at Blue Sky Decks think is best for building a deck.

Advantages of Building a Deck During the Cooler Months

When people think of undertaking construction projects, they usually envision the job is done during the summer. For most types of building construction, this makes sense: you want to make sure your interior is “dried in” before any bad weather starts so you can avoid having your interior spaces subjected to the elements. However, when it comes to having a deck built, there are numerous benefits to having your deck constructed during the cooler months. 

In Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington cities like Post Falls, Coeur d’Alene, or Spokane, fall and winter are actually ideal seasons to have your new deck installed, and you should consider scheduling your deck to be built within the window of late September to March. Despite the risk of snow slowing your build, the pros of constructing your deck in fall and winter greatly outweigh the cons. Here are some of the benefits of planning a cool-weather build-out for your new (or renovated) deck.

You’ll Avoid Manpower and Material Shortages

The gorgeous weather in the spring and summer months prompts nearly everyone in the inland Pacific Northwest to want to elevate the exteriors of their homes. Because of this, most local contractors become overwhelmed with projects. This means that your project will have to get in line with other projects that these contractors have already put on their plates.

In addition, building supplies are more likely to be back-ordered as more contractors compete for fewer available goods, and contractors may also face staffing shortages and turnover as workers seek better pay or conditions. These factors can drive the price up on your quote. A large backlog of jobs can also encourage builders to hurry their efforts. Under these circumstances, not all of the contractors will maintain quality, and it may also mean that builders may move on to more lucrative projects before yours is completely finished. 

You’ll Bypass Building Permit Backlogs

In Idaho and Washington, building permits are required to build residential decks attached to your home or garage. Unfortunately, it can take weeks to acquire the necessary permits during peak building season, which is frustrating when you’re eager to have your new deck completed. However, applying for permits off-season is much quicker, as city officials have less paperwork to sort through and can review permit applications relatively quickly.

You’ll Minimize Lifestyle Disruptions

If you and your family spend most of the warm months in the backyard, you may not want construction underway while you are all trying to enjoy the weather. Construction can get messy and inconvenient, hindering your ability to do anything in the yard, which means that you will not only not enjoy the outdoors on a new deck this summer, but you may not enjoy the outdoors at all. 

Even more, if you are an avid gardener, construction can expose your garden to destructive activities. In contrast, a fall or winter build-out will mean that construction will be complete before you gear up the garden for spring. Having your deck built by spring also means that you will be able to design and plan your garden around the new deck, inspiring you with landscaping ideas that can make the new deck addition even more inviting. In other words, having your deck constructed during the gloomy winter days will ensure your family doesn’t miss out on enjoying the summer, and can enhance your enjoyment of your new deck when summer rolls around again.

You’ll Be Ready for the Summer

While simple decks can be finished relatively quickly, decks with more elaborate designs will take longer to complete. By choosing to have your deck built in the winter, you can go all out and build the deck you really want without having to worry that material or weather delays will cramp your summer plans. Even a large deck with lots of bells and whistles should be ready to enjoy when the first signs of warm weather appear. 

Do you daydream of enjoying summer barbecues and outdoor gatherings on a stunning outdoor deck? If so, Blue Sky Decks can bring your dream to life. We work year-round to design and build decks that suit every taste and lifestyle. Give Blue Sky Decks a call today; we can’t wait to create your ideal outdoor space.

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