To say that Idaho winters can get cold is an understatement. However, its warm summer months make up for it, especially when you can enjoy long summer sunsets and cooling breezes in an outdoor living space. 

If your outdoor living space needs a serious upgrade, or you need to create one from scratch, there are few better ways to add it than by building a deck where you can relax, entertain, and enjoy the great outdoors.

And despite the cold winters in the Pacific northwest, not only can you enjoy a wood deck for a significant portion of the year, there are numerous wood choices for you that can easily withstand cold weather.

Different Types of Wood Decking

There are many different woods and wood-component materials that you can choose from to build your deck. Ultimately, the material you choose will depend on your budget, your aesthetic ideals, and the design choices you make for the deck itself. Cedar, hardwood, pressure-treated wood, and composite decking are all suitable deck building materials for cold climates, and can provide you with many years of enjoyment.


Natural cedar is a beautiful wood that can give your outdoor space luxury and style. Once installed, cedar doesn’t require the application of stains or paints because of its inherent natural beauty and hardy characteristics. It won’t warp, experience bug infestation, or suffer from UV or weather damage. Cedar is stable and environmentally friendly, and if the look and feel of cedar is your preference, it’s a perfect option for building your deck.

Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood is one of the most commonly used building materials for decks, regardless of the climate. Pressure-treated wood is natural wood that has undergone a special high-pressure process that removes air from the cells in the wood and saturates it with chemicals that enhance its durability. 

Consequently, pressure-treated wood doesn’t warp, lasts long, and resists pests and rot.  It also withstands impacts. Pressure-treated wood tends to be very affordable, and if you apply a quality wood sealant to your deck every year, your pressure-treated wood deck will last for many years.

Composite Decking

Composite decking has become a popular choice for homeowners who want a deck that looks like wood, but has other characteristics that make it long-lasting and family-friendly. Composite decking is manufactured using a combination of wood and plastic to create a smooth and seamless product.

Composite decking comes in multiple color options, and the material does not require any sealants, paint, or stains. It will withstand impacts without marring, and will not cause splinters.


Hardwood decks can be completely customized to fit your desired deck design.  As it ages, hardwood turns a beautiful silver-gray. This is completely natural, and many people even try to replicate the color with wood stain applications. Hardwood decks can withstand cold climates with some basic maintenance practices and by applying quality decking oil yearly.

Opting to add a deck to your home or rebuilding one that isn’t up to par is a home-improvement decision that you won’t regret. We can help you design the perfect deck for your space. Contact us today at Blue Sky Decks to learn more about the types of services we offer, the deck building materials you can choose from, and to speak to an expert who can help you begin the deck building process.

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