Deck construction unfortunately isn’t as simple as making a quick call and having a builder slap together something the next day. That is, it isn’t that way if you want your deck to last more than a week or so.

But at the same time, building a deck should not take as long as a house remodeling project, either. If you want to build a beautiful new deck and you want it completed by a certain time, Blue Sky Decks will do its utmost to accommodate your timeline as closely as possible. However, we won’t do it at the cost of doing an inferior job. For any deck project to be done right, there is a proper process, and every step of that process should be done to standards that ensure your deck will be safe, sturdy, durable, and pleasing to the eye.

Here’s a breakdown of the streamlined process we follow at Blue Sky Decks to ensure you get the exact deck you want, within your budget, and on schedule.

1. Discovery Call

This call is your opportunity to tell us exactly what you are looking for in terms of deck design, overall budget, and desired timeline for your deck build. We welcome any questions you might have, and we are happy to offer our suggestions and insight about any aspect of your proposed project: size, materials, features, recommendations, and so on. We are also happy to tell you about our experience and expertise, as well as to provide you with references for our work. 

As this conversation draws to a close, you should have a good idea if our methodology will work with your goals, and we will know if this is a project we can take on within the timeframe you set out. If both parties are on board with the deck project, we will book a site visit.

2. Site Visit

Our builder(s) will arrive to inspect your project site at the agreed-upon time. Through careful consultation with you, a design will be digitally sketched out based on your space, ideas, and budget.

We’ll have some further discussions regarding which materials are best based on the intended use of the deck, weather conditions, the look that’s desired, and the overall budget. You will then get an estimate for the work with all the costs laid out in detail.

3. Secure Your Selections

Once you agree to the design, timeline, and estimate you receive, you’ll then pay a deposit and the work will be scheduled to start. Final choices are made regarding the materials to use and any other design options that weren’t agreed upon during the site visit.

Any permits needed for the project will be pulled at this point. We are now ready to gather the materials and supplies needed and get to work building your deck.

4. Deck Build

Your deck build will be completed by our knowledgeable, professional crew according to the timeline agreed upon during the site visit. After your deck is finished and you have had a chance to inspect it, we will collect the remaining payment and then go over care instructions, as well as anything else you need to know about how to maintain your new deck.

Blue Sky Decks has built a lot of decks, and we are confident in the tried-and-true processes we use, borne out over years of experience with all sorts of decks, all types of locations, with all kinds of decking materials. We are confident that you will be pleased with our work from the initial phone call right through to the end of your project. We guarantee that, if you choose us to build your deck, you will enjoy it for many years to come. Contact Blue Sky Decks today for your no-obligation call to start the process to make your new dream deck a reality.

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