Building a deck should add functional space to your home and increase its value and beauty. And while building an attractive deck shouldn’t be a hassle, unfortunately, many Idaho homeowners make crucial mistakes in the construction process that turn their dream deck project into a disaster nightmare both for their pocketbooks and their properties. How can you make sure you’re doing it right? Here are some mistakes to avoid when you build a deck.

1. Don’t Forget to Get a Permit

Most of the time, decks are considered a part of your home, since they are usually attached to the main structure. As a result, Idaho laws will require that you get a building permit just as you would if you were modifying your existing home in any other way. And while there are a few exceptions to this rule, your best bet is to inquire with your local city government to see what rules may apply and, if a permit is required, make sure you obtain one before you begin. Like any home modification, you will likely have to submit a site plan and deck framing plan as part of the permit application. And if you don’t know how to draft these documents correctly, it is best to seek help from a professional.

2. Don’t Try to DIY

While you might love the idea of a DIY project, building a deck that will look good and will last a long time is a lot more complicated than you might think. You need to comply with strict building codes to ensure that your deck is safe and stable. And even if you already have the right tools and some experience, you had better be sure you know what you are doing, so that the structure is properly built and can pass inspection. If you harbor any doubts or run into issues, hiring a professional deck builder may be the right solution.

3. Don’t Choose the Wrong Materials

What you build your deck with matters. There are numerous materials to choose from, all with various features that may or may not make them the best choice for your deck, depending on your budget, your aesthetic ideals, and even the sort of weather exposure your deck will experience. At Blue Sky Decks, one of the first things we do when we visit your property is to perform what we call a Discovery Call. We listen to your ideas, then we inspect the site to make sure that your ideas will work. Based on our assessment, we will recommend what we believe is the best layout and the most suitable material to make sure your deck keeps you happy for decades to come.

4. Don’t Settle for Less Than the Best

There’s no shortage of contractors in Idaho, but few of them are deck experts; most contractors tend to do a little bit of everything. However, decks are specialized structures that call for experience and expertise. At Blue Sky Decks, we don’t dabble in other work. We build decks and we build them well.

5. Don’t Pay for an Estimate

If a contractor asks you for money before you’ve even met, that’s a huge red flag. A contractor that’s committed to customer service will be happy to schedule a free consultation, confident in the ability to earn your business without having to make you pay for talk. At Blue Sky Decks, customer satisfaction drives us forward, which is why we provide free consultations to anyone with a serious construction inquiry. At Blue Sky Decks, we want to help you turn your outdoor deck vision into relaxation reality. Schedule a discovery call and free consultation with Blue Sky Decks of Idaho and let us show you how to make your dream deck come true.

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