When the weather is good, there is nothing like spending your time outdoors, whether it is to enjoy a quiet morning alone with a cup of coffee, soak up some afternoon sun, enjoy an evening meal with the family, visit with friends long into the night, or gaze at the stars. And one of the most enjoyable places to spend that outdoor time is on your own deck. Decks are all about expanding your home’s living space to include an outdoor room or two. 

And while almost everyone loves a beautiful deck, one question people often have is whether the cost of building a deck is recaptured by increasing the value of your home. Well, the short answer is: Yes, a deck can increase the value of your home. But not just any deck will do it.

Factors That Impact Deck Value

The factors that determine whether a deck adds value to your home is whether it is well-constructed, useful, and aesthetically pleasing. A well-designed and built deck will generally add value to your home, but a poorly constructed and ugly deck can actually hurt your house’s value.

At Blue Sky Decks, we understand that investing in a deck is no small matter. We provide you with the benefit of our experience regarding design, and then apply skilled craftsmanship and quality materials to give you a deck that will actually enhance the value of your home. We also make sure that your deck is fully permitted and built to local building codes and specs.


Where your house is located and how you situate your deck on your property will play a significant role in determining how much value your deck will add to your home. While a deck that just provides a nice outdoor space will enhance your home’s value to some degree, a deck with a beautiful view will enhance it even more.

Northern Idaho and easter Washington are surrounded by mountains, and many homes sit on large properties. This area is also blessed with long evenings and gorgeous weather in the summer, as well as exquisite foliage in the fall. If you can place a deck on your property that has an expansive view, a deck can pay for itself in terms of increasing the value of your house by as much or more than you spent to build it.


The material you use to build your deck will also affect how much value it adds to your home. Composite materials are, as a general rule, more expensive, but they are very durable, especially in climates that experience heavy rain or snowfall. Wood decking comes in a range of prices, from relatively inexpensive to very costly. However, many woods may require a stain or finish after installation, as well as periodic treatment to maintain its looks and durability. Properly maintaining your deck will have a significant impact on whether and how much value the deck will add to your home value.


A good deck design complements your yard and your home, is pleasing to look at, and provides usable space. Accordingly, when it comes to a question of how much a deck can enhance the value of your home, you cannot assume that just any deck will yield you good value, or that larger is always better. In particular, if you are building a deck to increase the value of your home in order to sell it, getting professional advice is a must, whether from a deck builder or from a real estate professional. Potential buyers will appreciate a well-built deck that flows naturally from the house, but they will not be impressed by a deck that is poorly designed.


On average, a deck will add between 70% and 100% of its cost to a home’s value. But for most people, the financial calculation is not the deciding factor. The more important question is whether a deck will enhance your enjoyment of your home and property. So if you dream about having a beautiful deck to enjoy the outdoors, it’s good to know that your money will be well-spent. You can feel good knowing that you will recoup most of it if you ever go to sell your house or need an appraisal. 

So stop hesitating. Call Blue Sky Decks today and invest in your own happiness by building your dream deck.

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